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70 years ago, the world, and at least one Marine, breathed easier

C.J. quits school and joins up. He’s 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Add a quarter-inch if he stands ramrod straight. He weighs 130 pounds. “Just big enough, fella. Just big enough,” he’s told. They strap a uniform on him for the ID photo, the kind of open-backed jacket used by an undertaker. He couldn’t beg for a drink in a bar, but he’s given a gun.
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Editorial: Despite trying times, strengthened by trust

But Cincinnati is not Ferguson. It is not Baltimore. It is not even the Cincinnati that was. Over the last decade, dedicated public servants and community leaders have woven a rare and precious thing: a fabric of trust between a government and its people on matters of policing and public safety. In the coming days, let us rely on what we have built, together. We are more than this moment.
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In a strip mall dojo, Sonny Kim changed lives

In front of a darkened karate dojo in a Symmes Township strip mall stands a tall, thin young man. Inside, Sensei Sonny Kim had changed his life. Now, Kim is gone, struck down by a bullet Friday morning in the line of duty, on his day job as a Cincinnati police officer. He had responded to a call about a man acting erratically, carrying a gun in a Madisonville neighborhood.
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Every Game A Story: Baseball is Not a Sin

When I turned 11, I decided I wanted to be a sports person. I didn’t exactly know what that meant. But I knew a lot of people cared about sports. Also, sports didn’t seem anti-god. That was important. My preacher father and stay-at-home mom rode into parenthood on the wave of the Moral Majority era of politicized evangelical Christianity.
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Editorial: Daryl Gordon died a hero

When faced with a four-alarm fire call this morning, veteran Cincinnati firefighter Daryl Gordon didn't turn away. He and his comrades fought the blaze at a Madisonville apartment building and worked to evacuate its residents. Some were stuck. Gordon, among others, went to help. He gave his life doing so.
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Letters from a wife killer

Shannon met John when she was 14. A decade later, he killed her. But she saved his letters. Over her decade-long relationship with husband John Broe, he hit, choked and tormented her. On Sept. 7, 2001, he beat and killed Shannon with a baseball bat, then dumped her body off an Interstate 71 ramp.
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Outlaws and lawsuits: Hells Angels visit Wyoming

The metal-plated Purple Heart insignia attached to the side of the Harley vibrates as the biker guns his motorcycle up U.S. Highway 16. He’s a “prospect,” amid his probationary period to becoming a full-fledged member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The back of his black leather vest is empty save for a South Carolina patch curving up from his bottom hem.
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Meet Chiquita: A tiny, blonde, 500-year-old Wyoming mummy

George Gill hands over the never-published photos of the infant he calls Chiquita. Her fine blond hair arches over her wrinkled, leathery skin. Her arms are wrapped around her, a tiny mouth frozen in an “O.” If she once had another name, Gill wouldn’t know it. After all, Chiquita has been dead for hundreds of years.
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Little Men of the Mountains

A tiny mummy found in the Pedro Mountains stumped scientists for decades.
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Audit: Terrorism prevention money paid for take-home SUV, anti-drug cameras

Taxpayer money meant to protect Wyoming from terrorist attacks and natural disasters instead helped pay for a take-home vehicle for the undersheriff of the Laramie County Sheriff's Office and was used by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation to pay for neighborhood drug activity surveillance cameras, a federal audit shows.
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Abandoned Dreams of Wind and Light

Like the vanished, money making dreams that spawned them, it can be hard to find abandoned solar and wind farms. The most impressive are in the United States, where investors slammed up wind turbines and solar panels in the aftermath of the 1970s energy crisis. Everyone expected oil to get even more expensive, and government subsidies and tax breaks for renewable energy were easy to get.
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In a possible first and under heavy security, KKK and NAACP meet in Casper

They didn’t think he would come. He was a Ku Klux Klan organizer, after all, and they were local leaders of the NAACP, historic enemies. They spent months negotiating the terms of his visit to Casper. There were ground rules, topics to be discussed and guarantees of a security team. They wait in a small, low-ceiling conference room in the Parkway Plaza hotel. Four NAACP leaders. Ten mints, striped red and white, sit clustered on the table. The pitchers of ice water on the table drip sweat. “Showtime,” a security man says. He’s here.
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Jeremy Fugleberg

I've always loved fascinating tales, hard questions and interesting people. For the last decade, I've gotten paid to write about such things, for newspapers in South Dakota and Wyoming and for various websites as a freelancer. I've edited everything from news copy to grant requests, and learned the terrors and joys of editing fellow journalists.

I've shaken hands with Barack Obama and Carmine Girone. Only one of those two was restoring a forgotten oil refinery with the aid of a Pakistani ex-fighter pilot. I was there when the KKK met with the NAACP in a small Wyoming hotel meeting room.

Stacks of research tempt me. I've got a weakness for history. I've dug into jump drives full of emails, endless PDFs, spreadsheets and the earth itself in search of a good story. I've lived, studied and traveled in the Middle East, specifically Yemen and Egypt. I've visited a town called Al Qaeda. Arabic and I are in a long-term complicated relationship.

Anomalies fascinate me, whether they're pipeline explosions, tiny mummies, pistol-packing Santa Clauses, telling statistics or yeti hands.

The fun's just beginning.



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